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Posted in Music by huiyingg on March 14, 2009

I feel like having a more light-hearted post, in view of the pent up frustrations¬† that came at short burst past few days. Anyhow, I just acquired some new music and I’m feeling happy about them because they are proving to be worthy investments, so they are sort of making me feel real happy. I don’t know of many people who actually likes everything that I like but I’m already grateful to the handful who seemed to understand why I like certain sounds and Gold 90.5. So here’s a run through to what I’ve got recently.

1. Fall Out Boy’s Folie A Deux


I really liked their album From Under The Cork Tree but when Infinity on HIgh came out, I didn’t quite like the sound because I thought it was too noisy and hasty. But thanks to Dew, I decided not to skip Folie A Deux and to my sheer joy, it’s proving to be quite a good album. Current loves are What A Catch, Donnie (MUST LISTEN) and Tiffany Blews. I must mention What A Catch especially because the arrangement at the last part of the song where they mashed all their previous hits like Grand Theft Autumn one by one into the original song is very creative and added such a special touch to the song. Nice (:

2. Punk Goes Pop Volume 2


This is proving to be a surprise addition because I didn’t quite expect anything like that from the record. I didn’t follow Punk Goes Pop Volume 1 so the Volume 2 really came as a pleasant discovery. In it, you will find covers of popular hits like Disturbia and Beautiful Girls done by other artistes. If the originals didn’t quite catch your attention, the covers might really surprise you. I didn’t like Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girl but this version by Bayside is quite interesting. I did liked One Republic’s Apologize but this version by Silverstein is worth many listens also, same goes for Alesana’s What Goes Around. An refreshing album overall

3. The Race’s In My Head It Works


This UK Indie’s band new record caught my attention immediately after a trial listen to one of their song. I have never heard much of them beforehand but the moment I plugged into Better To Slip Away, I liked their sound already. They remind me quite a bit of Magic Numbers(when are they gonna have a new album!) so after a listen through the whole album, I can gladly say that I’m liking most that I’m hearing. Personal recommendations will be Better To Slip Away, Gloves, See You Sunday and Rude Boy. Go try it if you are a fan of indie!

4. All American Rejects’s World Comes Down


If you know me well you will know that I loved AAR’s Move Along album so much. But it was a long agonizing wait after that album for this current one to come. And when it first came out, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, yet when I first listen to it, it just didn’t really grow on me. But after a few more repeats, it’s slowly sounding better and better and now it’s good! Go listen to Back To Me and Another Heart Calls. They are a good band and I’m glad their second album didn’t fail to impress. (:



What is a music post without mentioning my favourite band Dashboard! I wonder if they are gonna have a new album this year but I pray that they will because I just love their sound! Anyway, this album is a limited edition of recording the band did and it consists of covers of songs. This album is really brightening up my journeys because it’s an awesome piece. It’s hard not to like the distinct dashboard touch to every song and Chris Carraba’s heart on sleeve vocals is hard to resist. It’s really really good and I would so let you listen to Better if I could. I need to speak with more Dashboard fans! Where are you guys man? :(

6. Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry


The korean boys deserved a mention because their new album is quite impresive. Although I hardly mention them in the blog because of my apparent love for Dongbang and Wonder Girls, but I do like them fairly enough. I thought they only make good variety characters and never paid much attention to their previous two albums because I didn’t think they were much. Yet this third album was a good break from their previous music style and more JT I think, yet nice nonetheless. Good melodies and great dance numbers. Definitely worth a listen. Go for Sorry Sorry, Heartquake, Happy Together and Why I Like You. Actually, most of the songs on the album is quite good. Hahaha! I’m happy for them :D

Seems like this new list will be keeping me occupied for a good while! Heh.

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